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Fer.971204.multifandom. This is my Healing rain And this the rainbow that make colors appear in my life

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If not for all of you, I may not know what can make me really happy. Whenever my body, voice, eyes show signs of grief, you will be by my side to accompany & comfort me. Whenever happy things happen, you will be there early to congratulate me. Even if I turned into an endless sea, as long as I can illuminate your glory, I am willing to give my life to stop here. Perhaps, the most beautiful love in the world is none other than silently guarding each other till the very end. Just like the night sky entrusted darkness to bright stars to become the starry night. Having you along this road, I am so blessed, grateful, really. To not lose this window & flower of the heart, I will continue to smile & sing wholeheartedly~ ^^Thank you, I love you, SONE!

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"He really feels sorry for the fans. He knows that being a fan is difficult, so after every performance he tries so hard to bow and wave towards the audience — this is gratitude expressed from the bottom of his heart. This person, is also always the last to walk down the stage. Even when the lights have already dimmed out, he is still unwilling to leave. He really can’t bear to leave his fans.”

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