"Kwon Yuri Jjang! Sorry… I don’t think I can take off my [fake] eyelashes"


Taeyeon’s fangirl 


[140902] Yuri at ICN airport by 다정다감

Random but, what do you think about Yuri's weight? I think she did that carboxy bullshit Sulli and Luna did, but their legs look WAY better. Her legs are like sticks and her upper part looks way heavier.
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I have talked about this issue so many times, and this topic always makes me feel kind of mad, like when I go to her tag because almost every post talks about her weight. She is in of one of the best girl groups of korea, she’s always in the spotlight, people are always talking about their physical looks. Tell me something, if you were in her position wouldn’t it affect you?, it has been so long now, that not matter what she does with her body, they are always going to criticize her. Now from the way I see it or from my point of view, she doesn’t really pay that much attention to it now, at least that’s what I see, I think it got so tiring that caring was no longer an important thing.

I always think that if you feel comfortable and confident with yourself, then you can do a lot of things and even conquer the world ok jk. But really this is not so important she’s okay with her body, she’s not on a crazy kind of diet ruining her health,  SHE CAN EAT WHATEVER SHE WANTS, WHENEVER SHE WANTS, she’s a human being!

and as I said before she’s not going to do a diet and do exercise every single day for you to be praising her.



We always remind ourselves, especially lately, that it doesn’t matter how tired and exhausted we are, how we always thought fatigue is going to strike us anytime soon, but we knew, after all this, it’s always worth it, because when we have 소원, smiling, singing, cheering, dancing along with us, this is much more worth it than anything we can have and expect. The uncountable supports, the unlimited love. And they say, “we exist because of SNSD,” but we all believe that we are fated and meant to exist together as ONE… Even ‘till the end.

Yuri doing the Ice Bucket Challenge (reupload)



Yuri’s sexy hairflip ◕‿◕